A Simple Job

Day Zero, or How We Got Here

It’s been a long stretch of bad luck for Arvin’s Man. The merchant, who regularly runs trade goods on the week-long trek between Balic and Altaruk, was a day out of the crossroads town when his a crew – a cobbled-together group of local toughs – finally got up the guts to turn on him, steal his cargo, and run him off into the sands, along with his slave, Carraksul.

Their cart and most of their belongings with them, the two struggle into Altaruk, making their way to the local headquarters of House Wavir. They are told by a busy clerk to pick up a pair of crodlus and a wagon, and report back first thing in the morning. They discover that their fortunes continue to wane; they have been put up outside the town gates, in a dingy inn near the elven district and the Fool’s Bazaar.

Arvin’s Man and Carraksul decide to find solace in a bottle, and to seek the day’s gossip. At a tavern they learn some shocking news: It appears Kalak is dead, and that it was at the hands of a slave uprising. Details are sketchy, but Tyr appears to be in the throes of previously inconceivable change. It becomes apparent that tomorrow’s trip will be to Tyr, where Wavir hopes to get a leg up on the competition in dealing with whatever power has emerged.

They also do a little sleuthing and discover some people who may know some people who hijacked their wagon. They’re told those people may be in town again in a few days’ time.

Also while in the bar, the two meet an elven merchant, Hiccup, and his long-time guard, Toothless, a dragonborn ranger. The Hiccup and Arvin’s Man see potential in traveling together for mutual profit and protection.

The four, satisfied, head off to bed to sleep.


MrZwij Avi

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