Arvin's Man

Human warlord "Dune Trader"


Arvin’s Man is a dune trader, having worked his way up through the ranks of House Wavir, a powerful merchant clan, to the point where he gets put in charge of entire caravans (security, navigation) fighting heat and raiders to cross the wastes. He has been with House Wavir since the age of 3, when his penniless mother hounded the local Wavir palm greaser (the liaison who keeps relations smooth between the House traders and the local Sorc-King) named Arvin into taking her son on as an apprentice and promising not to make him a slave.

However, the fealty oath Arvin made him swear makes him effectively bound to House Wavir (as a joke, Arvin renamed him Arvin’s Boy, which later became “Arvin’s Man”).

Arvin’s constant companion over the past few years has been Carraksul, a slave who spent most of his life fighting for House Wavir as a gladiator in an arena in Balic (the home base of house Wavir). Arvin eventually pulled Carraksul from that life and assigned him to guard caravans and keep an eye on Arvin’s Man.

Arvin’s Man has another occasional companion, a Changeling vampire named Content Not Found: piotr who usually visits the caravan’s campsites along the route between Balic and Altaruk, sharing news of the wastes (very little) for news of the cities. Piotr searches for the remnants and artifacts of an older, prosperous civilization he insists actually existed, though he never reveals if he finds anything. Piotr occasionally travels with the caravan until it reaches his next digging spot, and through these travels Arvin’s Man and Piotr have developed as much of a friendship as is possible in this world.

Their last caravan out of Altaruk was a disaster. The local guards Arvin’s Man hired for extra security turned out to be an organized band of highwaymen who doublecrossed them and stole the load, which was unusually valuable. Arvin’s Man and Carraksul would have been slaughtered in their sleep, but Piotr was approaching the campsite as the guards prepared to attack, and he helped Arvin’s Man and Carraksul flee for their lives. Upon returning to Altaruk, Arvin’s Man found the local agent for House Wavir not forgiving of Arvin’s Man for his lapse in judgment in essentially hiring the local thug guild as caravan guards.

Often before that failing, Arvin’s Man has been secretly relying upon Carraksul’s judgment and insight in trade dealings while acting like the decisions were made by Arvin’s Man. Although he disguises it for others, Carraksul has become the more powerful partner in this arrangement. Arvin’s Man made most of his bad decisions, like hiring the thugs as caravan guards, without Carraksul’s input.

Although his reputation is in ruins, Arvin’s Man lucked out when Belana Wavir, a high ranking member of House Wavir showed up in Altaruk to call for all traders to run a caravan to Tyr, where slaves recently rebelled and overthrew the sorceror-king. To make the most of his caravan notwithstanding his disgrace, Arvin’s Man went outside his usual trading relationships and sought deals from less savory prospects. Although Carraksul cautioned against it, Arvin’s Man has chosen to once again trust his own judgment and has partnered with an Elf merchant named Hiccup and his toothy sidekick Toothless. Although his recent failing is already well-known around town, Arvin’s Man has held out the prospect that Hiccup can establish a lucrative trading relationship with house Wavir once Arvin’s Man reestablishes himself.

When they joined the caravan (late, because their pack beasts were stolen) the first order of business was that Carraksul received his freedom in exchange for a pledge to help the caravan.

It’s a simple job, and everybody is going to be rich.


Initiative bonus: Allies /10 get +2 initiative

Action point special: If an ally takes an action point, I can grant a free extra MBA or a move, but if you miss you grant CA

Skills: Party face (bluff 10, dipolmacy +10, intimidate +10) and is tough (endurance +8) and athletic (11)

Languages: Bug (thri-kreen), common

Combat: He used feats to buff defenses and improve MBAs he gives out, and his attacks do low damage but heal or buff attacks of allies.

At wills:

Commander’s Strike: Free melee basic attack for an ally with a bonus to attack from my INT modifier (+2) but with another +1 if the enemy is adjacent to me (feat). So, if the ally gets combat advantage with an enemy adjacent to me, the attack bonus is +5. Default attack.

Rousing Assault: " 1[W] + Strength modifier damage, and you add your Charisma modifier (+3) to the hit points restored with any warlord healing power you use before the end of your next turn."


Vengeance is Mine (1st): As a reaction when an enemy hits me: “You make a basic attack against the triggering enemy, and one ally within 5 squares of you can move his or her speed and make a melee basic attack [+1 to hit] against the triggering enemy as a free action” Purely defensive power, but I will try to trigger it every battle.

No Gambit is Wasted (3rd): Immediate Reaction, when an ally misses every target with an encounter or a daily attack, I make a strength v. AC vs. the ally’s target and the triggering ally’s attack is not expended. So go ahead and miss with your daily if the target is next to me.


Lead the Attack (1st): “3[W] + Strength modifier damage. Until the end of your next turn, you and each ally within 5 squares of you gain a [+3] power bonus to attack rolls against the target . . . .” This is for the BBEG.

Stand the Fallen (5th): “3[W] + Strength modifier damage. Effect: Each ally within 10 squares of you can spend a healing surge and regains additional hit points equal to your Charisma modifier” (+3).


Shake it off: Minor action encounter power ranged 10: “The target makes a saving throw with a power bonus equal to your Charisma modifier (+3)”

Arvin's Man

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